8 Benefits of Having a Home Security System | Find out the Awesome Features a Smart Home can have

Are you worried about your home security? Do you have doubts about the benefits of having a home security system? Let me tell you, you are not alone! Just think about how dangerous a home burglary can be and the risk that your family could be exposed. There are multiple benefits to owning a home security system, let us explore them below.


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Top1. Protect your family and belongings from housebreaking 


One of the most devastating experiences of a housebreak is the vulnerability feeling. It can be dangerous and overwhelming when a burglary happens in your home. Is better safe than sorry. Having a home security system will protect your family and loved ones from a burglar.  Keep in mind the advantages of having a burglar alarm system and being prepared in case a burglary happens in your home.

There are so many technologies to detect break-ins that there is almost no reason not to consider protection. Security devices are definitely more affordable, better and smarter than before. You can easily install a plug and play wireless indoor and outdoor cameras to deter Intruders. You can also go the route of employing a security company that offers different security packages.

It is a proven fact that having a security camera outside of your house can help keep the thieves away.

Top 2.Protect your property and loved ones from fire


When we think about home security systems we may think about securing our home from intruders. It is worth mentioning that security systems are smarter today than ever before. Security systems can protect us from fires and hazardous gases.

About 352,000 home structure fires were reported in 2016 in the U.S. Now, I would ask you, is a security system a priority? I personally think it is, and I encourage people to take action to improve their home security and to be mindful of the risk that can be avoided.


Top 3. Keep your family safe from carbon monoxide poisoning

We know that carbon monoxide cannot be detected by the human senses which makes it even more dangerous. This toxic can be released from stoves, heating systems, gas ranges and it can also be produced by burning wood or charcoal.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention U.S from 2010 to 2015, a total of 2,244 deaths occurred from unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning, with the months of December, January and February accounting for the highest number of deaths every year.

Keep in mind that carbon monoxide detector is an extra device that many people are adding to their security alarm system.


Top 4. Real-time monitoring gives you peace of mind


The real-time alerts feature will allow you to receive a notification from your security company or from your DIY system. The alert will notify you of any incident in your home, motion detection, high level of gas or carbon monoxide, humidity and so on depending on your system.

Also, you will be able to access your cameras via the internet and, instantly be able to see who is on your property, or what may be causing an alert.

On the other hand, think of the benefit of being able to watch your loved Ones, elderly and pets while you are out of the home. The advantage of watching them from your PC, tablet or smartphone is invaluable. Also, you can keep an eye on who you left at home, your babysitter, teenagers and any packages that may have been delivered.

 Top 5. Reduce energy consumption

Some security systems can be connected to smart electric outlets, smart light switches and smart thermostats that will help you regulate and save on the energy consumption in your home.

The smart electric outlet will cut off electric current to any plugged-in device at your request. These outlets can also be used as a security feature by turning devices on or off when you are not at home. Think about this, you can simulate your house is not alone.

A smart light switch will turn the lights on or off based on your needs and, can also be turned on during the night as an added security measure an will simulate people are present.

The smart thermostat will save you money by regulating the temperature by cooling down or warming up while you are away from home.

This concept is becoming more and more popular but not all security systems offer the save energy consumption package yet. On the other hand, keep in mind these smart devices, which can be purchased independently from your security system, can be installed by you and perform the same function.


 Top 6. Save money on insurance premiums


Most insurance providers will give you a large discount on your premium policy if you have a professional security system. Homeowners usually can receive discounts of at least 5 percent each for smoke detectors, burglar alarms systems or deadbolt locks. Yes!, the average of a premium policy can discount to 20 percent on a full security system.


Top 7. Ability to greet someone at your doorstep from anywhere using a video doorbell

A security system gives you the ability to add a video doorbell to see live video of your front door at any time, without even the need of triggering the doorbell.

You are able to greet visitors directly from your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Think about when nobody is at home, and someone suspicious presses your doorbell. With a video doorbell, you can greet the unknown person and inquire who they are without them having to open the door.

Some video doorbells activate automatically the moment someone arrives at your front door by way of a motion sensor. Immediately your security system will trigger an alert letting you know somebody is there.


Top 8. Evidence against theft


Every camera in a security system can record video. One of the best pieces of evidence to present in a court is a video recording. If you have a recorded video you can show police what happened and who has invaded your property.

Is great the amount of smart devices we have today to avoid theft. A home security system can be the hub for all of those devices and serve as a central point for a comprehensive monitoring of your home. The added security in your home will increase your family’s safety which is the most important reason of all.

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2 thoughts on “8 Benefits of Having a Home Security System | Find out the Awesome Features a Smart Home can have”

  1. we can’t anticipate any crime that can happen in our home but having a home security system has a lot of benefits. Well aside from crime this really helps a lot like fire and a peace of mind like monitoring real-time especially if you have kids at home, That’s why I love having one of this installed in my home one day.

  2. It’s great that you elaborated on how home security systems are helpful because they can protect people from dangerous gases and fires. One of my neighbor’s houses was broken into recently, and I don’t want my house to be next. I’m going to have to contact an agent from a local security company and get a few quotes.


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