7 Benefits of Jogging for Women & Men [How Can It Transform Your Life]

Improving your happiness!

Keeping yourself active and moving is fundamental for women’s physical and emotional health. Jogging is one of the most popular ways to achieve this and is safe, fun and free!

Jogging provides a wealth of benefits for women of all ages. It can improve your social life, reduce stress, improve your happiness and more.

Benefits of jogging for women

Let’s take a look at 7 benefits of jogging for women and how can it transform your life.

For those who have not started jogging regularly, you will find a guide towards the end on how to do it safely.

7 Benefits Women Must Know About Jogging

1. Jogging is Social

Very few things are so gratifying for women like catching up with friends and family. On many occasions, we are so involved with responsibilities and things to worry that time passes us by without connecting with the people who we really love.

Jogging has helped me to do that and I am sharing my experience so you can do the same.

You could invite your friends, spouse or son to go out jogging. Jogging at low speed will help you keep a conversation while everyone exercises.

You will notice that going out and jogging is an excellent way to discover new locales, appreciate the scenery, and take nature in. In fact, studies have shown that getting out into nature can also increase your sense of well-being.

If you are running on your own you can take it as the best chance to meet new people and possibly build a workout group.

2. Jogging can Reduce your Stress Level

Personally I started jogging after a very stressful moment in my life. At a point, I was facing health issues, had a Full-Time job, 2 kids and many home responsibilities when I decided I needed a change in my lifestyle.

I started to listen to motivational speakers when one of them suggested that we should accelerate our heart rate, walking fast or jogging to improve our physical and emotional health.

I was ready and soon started to jog right after work. To my surprise, I found relief almost immediately.

Doing that, I noticed that I had way less stress and now I can tell, I’m free of muscle pain and fatigue. I cannot stop sharing my experience because I know many women are experiencing the same situation.

You may not agree at first because jogging is a form of physical stress and requires time invested when you think you don’t have enough but you just need to try it. There is nothing to lose.

If you are like me that sometimes needs convincing, I have done some research so you can feel even more confident to change your lifestyle.

According to a Harvard Research, when you work out, especially running or jogging, your body starts to reduce the hormones that would normally cause stress, like adrenaline and cortisol. Furthermore, your body starts a significant production of endorphins; hormones in the brain that are the body’s natural painkillers and mood elevators.

It is also important to know that endorphins are responsible for the feelings of relaxation and optimism which will contribute to a constant positive outlook for things.

Believe me, Jogging is a powerful antidote to stress. When your body is focused on jogging, your mind gets distracted from the daily worries.

Working out has been proven to reduce the risk of depression and anxiety and boosts creativity as well.

Stress comes in different ways; for me, it was having a lot of muscle pain and fatigue. For others, it could be early signs of depression and lack of will to do anything.

Think about it! You may be suffering from restlessness, insomnia, headaches, neck or back pain, stomach ache, irritability, anger, hostility even panic without knowing is caused by your stressful lifestyle.

Jogging for 30 minutes a day can help you a lot!.

3. Jogging Can Boost Your Happiness

While jogging combines several mood-elevating elements like being more social, less stressful and anxiety-prone, jogging also can help you boost serotonin.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, or natural brain chemical, that promotes good sleep and positive feelings.

If you are ready to improve your happiness, the goal is to get your heart rate up. I am telling you from experience. Even the stretching exercises that help you relax your muscles after a hard workout will help relax your mind for a happier mood.

4. Jogging Lowers Your Blood Pressure

Jogging as an exercise routine strengthens your heart. When your heart is stronger it will pump more blood with less effort and this lowers your blood pressure.

To achieve this, you don’t need to run a marathon every day. According to the American Heart Association, 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity like jogging helps lower your blood pressure and improve overall heart health.

5. Jogging Strengthens Your Muscles and Bones

Jogging increases muscle flexibility and keeps your bone strong and healthy. According to the National Institute of Health, people who work out regularly achieve greater peak bone mass and strength than those who do not.

Dear friends, exercising is very important especially for older people who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis. It does not only increase muscle and bond strength but also helps with your overall health.

6. Jogging is a weapon against Obesity

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that 93.3 million people in the US are obese. This is a complex problem that increases the risk of many diseases and causes premature death.

A recent study also shows that even if you are prone to obesity, regular physical exercise like jogging attenuates the genetic predisposition to obesity. It is also free and safe. I assure you can do this!

7. Jogging Boosts Your Longevity

Jogging slows the aging process and reduces the risk of many causes of death such as cardiovascular mortality risk, several types of cancers, high cholesterol, diabetes, risk of stroke, obesity, and even dementia.

In fact, the European Society of Cardiology found that regular jogging increases the life expectancy of men by 6.2 years and women by 5.6 years.

Now you may want to know how to start jogging safely, right?

How to Prepare Yourself for Jogging

The nice part about jogging outdoor is that it doesn’t take a lot of planning or equipment, but there are still a few things to keep in mind:

Stretch Before you Start

in particular, stretch the front and back of your legs, your back, and your arms.

Protect your skin from sunburn or winter freezing wind
make sure you drink plenty of water before, during and after your jogging session

Use proper Gear and Clothing for Summer and Winter
  • If you are jogging in hot temperatures, protect yourself from the sun with a hat or cap, long sleeve clothing, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

Start Slow: If you’ve never jogged or ran before, build up to it from walking. Try to jog for one minute, then walk for 30 seconds and rinse and repeat that pattern until you feel comfortable to jog for a longer time.

Make it Fun See if any of your family members or friends want to join you, or you can even go with your dog for company. Set your mind to explore different routes or drive to some pretty parks or trails so you can enjoy a different atmosphere.

Remember to Rest All joggers and runners need recovery time. Listen to your body, your legs may feel a bit achy. If after a day of rest, you feel too tired still take a walk or workout doing something different like Zumba Dance.

To sum up, jogging is a great workout for women. It can help you to connect with your family and friends and provides a long list of physical and emotional health benefits. It’s good for your heart, muscles, and joints. It minimizes the risk of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity. Boost your happiness and prolongs your life.

Jogging for a happier life!

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