You Cannot Miss the 7 Benefits of Zumba Dance for Women

If you still have not seen what Zumba fitness can do for you, don’t let this opportunity slip. Practical and tangible benefits of Zumba Dance that will help you shake the daily routine, lose a few pounds and lower your stress or anxiety.

Zumba dancing promises to add sparks to your life that, besides getting you in shape, will help you feel energized for a more emotionally healthy life.

Find out what else Zumba can do for you!

Before I continue to talk about the benefits, let’s talk about what Zumba really is.

What is Zumba Dance or Zumba Fitness?

Zumba, in its essence, is a mix of Latin American music and sounds, like merengue, salsa, reggaeton or cumbia. You will also find the integration of other music like flamenco, bachata, hip hop, chachacha, rock, samba and others.

It had its beginnings in the 90s, it was a total hit in Miami, FL, where it expanded very rapidly and today is one of the most popular fitness dances around.

It has been introduced as a benefit in almost all gyms, there are probably millions of YouTube videos about it, multiple video games have been made around it and many other types of content around this great way of working out. You can find a recent video game released for the Nintendo Switch called Zumba burn it up’.

Zumba is a hobby for women or training from which you can expect a lot of fun. The goal is to exercise all of your body and burn calories at an incredible rate. Studies show that you can burn between 300 and 900 calories in an hour-long Zumba exercise.

When you practice Zumba, you are improving your balance, coordination, toning your legs and your abdomen.

Newcomers may initially feel a little bit of shame or insecurity while following the move sets, but my suggestion is to take that first step and just do the best you can.

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7 Great Benefits of Zumba Dance for Women

1. Improves your mood.

From personal experience I can say there are no stress levels that can withstand 30 minutes to an hour of Zumba dance. The music and movements will take everything away.

In just one session of Zumba, you will be freeing yourself of stress but at the same time your body will be producing endorphins. As your body produces this hormone you will feel more energetic and happier.

2. You will lose weight.

For almost everyone this is a very important subject. Loosing weight is always our goal but is not always so simple to go through diets and exercise routines.

You can lose weight without even noticing practicing Zumba.

The more intense is the Zumba session, the more calories you will burn. Its great for every girl, specially for us that traditional workout is not too appealing.

3. It tonifies your body.

I love this benefit, because I know how difficult it is to be motivated to follow gym routines. With the movements you do in this dance sessions you will strengthen all of the muscles in your body.

Your lower body will receive the biggest benefit, such as your waist, your legs, your gluts, etc. But even your upper body receives the benefit like your arms and your abdomen.

4. It will help your self-esteem.

With Zumba dance you will exercise and tonify your body and this will have a big influence in a women’s self-esteem, without a doubt one of the goals of Zumba dance.

The rhythm and movements you will accomplish will slowly help you feel more secure about yourself and your body. Many of these movements may feel a bit sensual and this may make you laugh a bit, this feeling will help you relax, feeling you with happiness and increasing your self-esteem.

5. it will increase your flexibility.

As you learn to follow the dance rhythm, your muscles will slowly relax and get accustomed to the movements, making them easier and more fluid to do with every session. You will see that your flexibility will increase exponentially. Sometimes the lack of exercise and monotony at home will make us women a bit rigid.

Flexibility and muscle stretching are important for your body to maintain itself healthy.

6. It will improve your circulation.

Dancing gets you moving and gets your blood pumping. When doing any of the dance sessions your heart rate will accelerate and this will help your heart become strong. This means moving your body is great for your muscles, but also your heart and your circulatory system.

7. Boost your Memory

According to Harvard medical school, “listening to and performing music reactivate areas of the brain associated with memory and emotions”.

Who doesn’t start singing a song after listening to it over and over? Look how interested, singing will activate the left side of your brain, listening to music will generate activity in your right side of your brain and following the choreography activates the visual areas of the brain.

With so much of the brain being stimulated by practicing Zumba, you are exercising more brain power than usual.

Who can Patrice zumba?

Zumba routines are great for anyone, no matter the gender or age. Involve simple movements and the instructions are easy to follow in general.

What do you need to start?

You can start from the comfort of your home using all the different types of Zumba workouts online. If you have amazon prime, which is $120, we recommend you to use your Free access to a Zumba concert with more than 70 minutes of Zumba fitness.

The video features 16 high-energy, calorie-blasting routines that you can do all at once, or pause and break up into intervals.

And if you are ready for a bigger commitment, you can start by locating a local class and trainer by clicking here.

The rest is up to you, as it will require commitment and discipline, good zumba shoes that will offer you support, flexibility and breathability for your feet.

The good news is that you have several options to start. Your gym classes, online classes or video game classes. Like I mentioned earlier, if you own a Nintendo Switch or access to the Zumba concert available through amazon prime.

If you feel that this hobby will help you improve your lifestyle, then don’t think about it any longer and start to move to the Zumba rhythm.

Now is your turn, do you feel motivated to start this awesome type of workout while enjoy the music?

Have you practice Zumba before? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

See you next time.


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