Best Rechargeable Heated Socks for Women [Keep Your Toes Warm]

If you live in a very cold place or you know that your body is very sensitive to low temperatures, I could see this would limit you from enjoying many outdoor activities.

That’s why we have done extensive research and put together a list of the best rechargeable heated socks for women.

I know there are many people, myself included, that suffer from hands and feet that are very cold and it doesn’t matter what type of gloves or socks we wear.

I know some very good winter shoes can help, but they are only as good as how much body heat you produce.

If your feet still get cold, even when wearing socks and shoes, believe me, adding a little bit of technology can help. In fact, it can also help your blood circulation, it’s great!

I hope these heated socks can help you brave the freezing days and nights. Note we also have a list of best rated heated gloves for women, and best-heated Vests for women.

Before we begin let’s explain the basics.

What Are Rechargeable Heated Socks

Let me start by saying that heated socks have existed for decades, but they were not very practical until battery technology allowed them to last for more than 20 minutes.

In fact, since the London 2012 Olympic Games, athletes have been using heated clothing before track events to help warm their muscles up.

The idea behind is the socks can help someone who is exercising outdoors during winter and whenever you decide to take a small break your feet muscles remain warm. For the same reason, these socks also help with your blood circulation.

With heated socks, a person can keep their feet warm, even if you do not produce enough heat yourself to do so.

To go on specific details, all heated socks have elements built in that are powered by batteries to fight cold and keep your feet warm.

These heated socks come in different sizes and styles, which makes them ideal for every woman who is exposed to cold temperatures for extended periods of time.

That’s why we have researched which are the best-heated socks for women and at an affordable price.

How to Choose the Best-Heated Socks for Women

To find the perfect heated socks for you, some factors need to be considered.

Rechargeable Heated socks Autocatle
  • The heat strength.
  • The battery intensity
  • How much heating time do you need?
  • How much flexibility do you have to reach your feet and control the settings?

Those are some of the things to think about.

On the other hand, there are many different heated socks in the market that provide quality heating for your feet. Some can only work for a few hours while others can provide up to 19 hours of use. Others can come with a remote controller to name a few.

If you are looking into heated socks for outdoor winter activities, then you may want to consider ones with greater battery life.

If you are having bad circulation or you have arthritis, you could get ones that have better and even heat distribution.

I know that many of you could be suffering from rheumatism, bad circulation, arthritis and the advent of winter could feel like a paralyzing time for your hobbies and routines.

Our focus during this review is that your feet remain warm so you can enjoy those winter activities you love so much, without the threat of pain or discomfort.

For me, this was a life changer and I know it will be for you too after experiencing any of the items below.

Best Rechargeable Heated Socks for women

Best Overall Heated Socks with a longer period of heat (up to 19 hours)

1. Gamegie Rechargeable Heating Socks for Women & Men Sport Outdoor | 3.7V 4000MAH rechargeable lithium-ion Batteries

The Gamegie Heated gloves have great built-in features. They are made with cotton which makes them very breathable.

This updated version has a 3.7V 4000MAH rechargeable lithium-ion batteries instead of the most common 2200 MAH battery of many other heated socks.

The update also improved the heated area which now not only stimulates the top of the foot but the acupoints on the soles to maintain good health and promote blood circulation in the body.

These socks can reach a temperature of 150 °F which can be adjusted until you find the ideal level of comfort for you. The highest temperature will display with an LED Red light, Medium Orange and the Lowest in green color.

With fully charged batteries they offer more power than any other socks on our list and can last for up to 19 horas of use. You will know they are fully charged when the battery indicator turns green.

The manufacturer recommends removing the battery and washing them by hand

Another factor I like is the warranty, which offers up to 2 years so you are guaranteed a few seasons of heated feet.

What we like…

What we like...
  • High quality and efficiency
  • Up to 19 hours of use
  • Two sizes available (See chart)
  • Heat up both the top of the feet and acupoints on the soles
  • Excellent reviews online
  • Reasonable Price
  • Two years warranty

What we don’t like…

What we don't like..
  • Only one color available

Best Budget Heated Socks for Women

2. Jomst Upgraded Electric Heated Socks for Women & Men | 3.7V 2200MAH Rechargeable Li-ion battery Fits US Size 6-14.

The Jomst heated socks are one of the best rated online. The fabric used is made basically of cotton and polyester which makes them super comfortable and keeps your feet free of sweat.

They come equipped with a 3.7V 2200MAH Rechargeable Li-ion battery which can last up to 10 hours depending on the settings and the temperature you are exposed to.

The three-level setting allows you to control the temperature until you reach 131°F. Perfect to go and watch a football game or walking with your dog.

I also love that It heats up quickly within the first 5-6 seconds. There is some drawback, it is only offered in a universal size.

What we like…

What we like...
  • Large heating area
  • Battery last up to 10 hours
  • High-Quality Material
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Very good rate online
  • Good Price

What we don’t like…

What we don't like..
  • Universal size

Good Alternative for Low Budget

3. Rabbitroom Heated Socks Women Electric Battery Socks Thermal Insulated Socks for Arthritis, Winter Thick Warm Cotton Sox Heating Foot Warmer, Unisex & USA 6-13 Size

Like the Autocastle heated electric socks, these are low budget heated sock suitable for any woman looking to stop icy feet using a little bit of technology.

The heated socks are made of a mix of cotton, polyester and spandex material and like the others on this list, they are thick, comfortable and breathable.

In about 1 minute you can feel the element heating up. It takes a bit more than some of the others on this list but we couldn’t find too much fault in that.

The company recommends charging the batteries for about 12 hours for the first time then, regularly for about 4-5 hours.

The two 3.7V rechargeable Li-ion batteries can give you from 3 to 6.5 hours of heat depending on the setting you use and it can reach up to 125°F.

One aspect that we definitely like is being able to choose different colors like these provided: Black / Grey / Pink / Red / Blue&White; /Green&White; / Green and Yellow.

It doesn’t matter the activity you are doing, with these socks you can ensure nice toasty feet.

Overall, these are not only good-looking socks but also functional. The duration is a little lower than what would be preferred but when comparing the money you are investing its average.

What we like...

What we like...
  • They are comfortable and breathable
  • The temperature can reach up to 125°F.
  • 3 adjustable heat settings.
  • Good selection of color
  • Durable
  • Excellent price

What we don’t like...

What we don't like..
  • Universal size
  • Run time is on the low end

4.Vinmori Electric Heated Socks, Rechargeable Sock for Women & Men | 2500mA Large-Capacity Lithium-ion Battery

The Vinmori Electric Heated Socks are a great pair of heated socks because of its longer capacity battery, the handy USB charger, and the good price.

Within 5 seconds these socks start to heat up after being energized. They are made of carbon fiber, soft and stretchy material so you can wear them for indoor or outdoor activities.

Like other heated socks, they help promote blood circulation.

One thing that we appreciate is the heated element is powered by two double 2500mA large-capacity lithium-ion battery instead of the standard 2200mA capacity: Also they can heat up to 6 hours in high mode, 8 hours in medium mode, and up to 11 hours in the lowest mode.

They are an economically good option for winter activities such as biking, camping or hiking. We believe any woman with a pair of socks like these ones will no longer be afraid of having frozen feet.

Even without the element ON, the Vinmori heated socks are very warm socks.

The element panel can heat up the front of the foot and you will be able to charge them via USB port for portable charging.

The USB power source allows you to use the same charger as your mobile phone chargers, or even your car power supplier.

The company recommends you gently wash them manually but the warranty is not specified by the vendor.

What we like…

What we like...
  • Carbon fiber electric panel
  • They work great keeping your foot warm
  • Amazingly quick to heat up
  • Very good rate online
  • USB Charger
  • Good price

What we don’t like…

What we don't like..
  • Only available in medium size
  • One-color selection
  • Small heating panel

The Most Techy & Warmest Heated Socks 167 °F

5. Dr.Warm Wireless Heated Socks, Remote Control 2600mAh 7.4V Rechargeable Battery For Women – Men – Kids

These are one of the best heated socks for women with remote control capability. They are made of a mixture of cotton, acrylic, nylon, and spandex and come on different sizes. Which helps keep the feet warm for a longer period of time aside from providing softness and comfort and allow for a greater number of people to wear them.

These socks come equipped with a 2600mAh rechargeable Li-lion battery that provides 3.5 to 11 hours depending on the heat setting you choose. The setting can be changed between, low, medium and high.

A nice feature that differentiates this one from the others is that it comes with remote control, removing the need of having to squat every time you need to adjust the heat which can go up to 167 degrees.

As other heated socks, these are more than suitable for all kinds of indoor or outdoor activities such as shoveling, biking, camping, hiking or simply laying on the couch watching a movie.

They are also good for blood circulation, or people with Raynaud’s Syndrome and for working in the cold.

The company suggests to wear them in loose shoes such as boots.

Overall, the Dr. warm heated socks are a good and comfy pair of tech socks that you can wear with any outfit. 🙂

What we like...

What we like...
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Heats up in less than 30 seconds
  • comes with a remote controller to adjust the temperature easily
  • Batteries can run for up to 11 hours
  • Temperature up to 167℉
  • Great Quality

What we don’t like…

What we don't like..
  • Little pricey
  • No USB Charger

Best for Women with Arthritis or Bad Circulation (Full Cover Foot Front and Instep)

6.Snow Deer 2019 Upgraded – Rechargeable Electric Heated Socks,7.4V 2200mAh Battery

The SNOW DEER heated socks are not only a nice tech warm pair of socks, but they are also excellent to boost blood circulation. So if you suffer from arthritis or extreme cold feet you will definitely appreciate the effect these socks have on the body.

SNOW DEER Heated Socks are made with infrared heating elements that completely covers your foot front and instep. This is important because the heating elements are located in two positions. One on the top and one on the bottom to distribute heating through all your foot.

Like others in this list, it is made of cotton and polyester which makes them feel soft and comfortable to the touch but also breathable.

These heated socks are great to stimulate your blood circulation and it is a perfect solution for those chilly winter nights and days.

These pairs of socks have a 7.4V 2200MAH Rechargeable Li-ion Battery and 3 Settings you can change to the most desirable Temperature.

Depending on what temperature you set them, the batteries will last 2.5 of heat on high and 7 hours on the low setting.

These socks are an excellent choice to warm your feet and provide a positive health benefit for you.

Many users confirm these are the ideal socks for Raynaud’s arthritis, bad circulation, and Stiff Joints.

Also choosing the Snow deer heated socks will come included with a 1-year warranty.

What we like…

What we like...
  • Completely covers your foot front and instep
  • built-in 3 settings to adjust the temperature.
  • Heat up to 7 Hours
  • FIR heat therapy
  • Made of Cotton/polyester material
  • 1 Year warranty

What we don’t like…

What we don't like..
  • Should provide more color selection

7. Savior Heated Socks for Women & Men | 7.2V UL/CE certified 2200MAH Li-ion rechargeable battery

These are another option for arthritis or bad circulation Like the Snow Deer socks. This company is also well known for its heated clothing business.

They are a very good quality sock suitable for any kind of indoor or outdoor use.

These socks use fiber heating pads that warm the front of your foot as well as the instep, Include a 7.2V UL/CE certified 2200MAH Li-ion rechargeable battery and heat up to 5 hours in the lower setting. As other socks on this list, these can reach up to 150 °F.

Similar to the SNOW DEER heated socks, just using the medium temperature setting, these pairs of socks offer great relief to people suffering from Arthritis, Bad Circulation, Stiff Joints, and Chronically cold feet.

With the Savior Heated Sock, you get very a comfortable and breathable foot all while offering a nice 1-year warranty.

What we like…

What we like...
  • Excellent quality
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Built-in 3 settings to adjust the temperature.
  • Heating elements cover the whole front of the foot and insteps.
  • Heat up to 150 F
  • Up to 5 hours of heating
  • 1-year Warranty

What we don’t like…

What we don't like..
  • Battery should provide longer heated time

Finally, in this review, we have covered the best rechargeable heated socks for women. We have picked the most efficient and effective designs suitable for any lady.

We are confident that anyone you choose from this list will protect you from the chilly or extreme winter temperature.

I hope you can now have warm toasty feet!

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