In the fight of the Bidet vs Toilet Paper bidets always win | Find out why

Is a bidet toilet seat more convenient than toilet paper? Why will you get rid of toilet paper? You will find out that in the fight of the Bidet toilet seats vs toilet paper, bidets always win.

Using a Bidet instead of Toilet Paper

Do you know that Eco-friendly industries are pushing consumers to change their toilet paper-consumption habit to help our environment to save trees and water?.

Countries like Japan and Asia have been using Bidet toilet seats for decades while in America we have become too comfortable using toilet paper. Why are we not following the European and Asian trends and start using Bidets? Japan, for example, has bidet toilet seats in 80% of their entire households including public areas. That is not to say that America has not tried different alternatives to toilet paper. Wet-wipes have been in the U.S market in the mid-1950s for home and public use but, is wet-wipes our best solution? Maybe not, Wet-wipes have been very problematic for plumbing, even though manufacturers claim they are flushable, this doesn’t seem to be the case. New York City, for example, spent $18 million over 5 years to fix their sewer system problem caused by wet-wipes.


Let’s discuss the advantages of Bidet toilet seats vs toilet paper

 Bidet toilet seats vs Toilet paperUse of toilet paper

  • Environmentally harmful
  • Can spread germs and bacteria
  • Leaves bacteria around the anus which can cause irritation and discomfort
  • Cleaning with paper can irritate hemorrhoids
  • Difficult to use for people with mobility impairment

Use of a Bidet toilet seat

  • Better for the Environment (Eco-friendly)
  • Save you money on toilet paper
  • Minimize the risk of bacterial infection
  • Reduce skin irritation that can be caused by wiping too frequently.
  • Easily keep you clean and fresh before and after sexual intimacy
  • More convenient for women in postpartum
  • Easy to use for any member of the family

Is a bidet toilet seat more convenient than toilet paper

Bidet toilet seats vs toilet paper

To produce toilet paper, companies have to use a surprising amount of natural resources which makes it not an Eco-friendly product. But, what can we do about it? Decreasing the consumption rate will save valuable environmental resources which will help the planet and will allow you to save money on toilet paper.

According to the NRDC, the Natural Resources Defense Council, If every household in the United States replaced at least one roll of toilet paper with recyclable one, we can be saving 423,900 trees.

In addition to the thousands of trees being cut every year, reported that making a single roll of toilet paper requires 37 gallons of water, 1.3 kilowatt/hours of electricity. All that apart from 253,000 tons of chlorine used to turn the paper in its awesome white color.

Darby Hoover, a staffer of NRDC has said: “We know people care about the environment, but many people still don’t realize they have a different choice”

Water minimizes the risk of infection

Is a fact that toilet-paper does not clean better than water. Washing with water completely removes all source of dirt or bacteria while toilet paper often spread germs that can cause anus itching, skin irritation to severe infections. Although water cannot cure infections it gives you relief with Yeast or urinary tract infections (UTIs) symptoms. Vaginal infection is often caused by bacteria that spread from the anus.

Dr. Karuhanga on Daily Monitor news sustained that cleaning with wipes or water is the best way of cleaning your genitals.

“ What is true is that 70% of the bacteria that causes UTIs (urinary tract infections) come from the anus, and pure wiping is one way in which it can be prevented”.

A proper use of bidet toilet seat can prevent many infection conditions.

Reduce skin irritation that can be caused by wiping frequently

Wiping with toilet paper often leads to anal pruritus and can irritate hemorrhoids. People suffering from bowel syndrome can find relief through a bidet. If your toilet paper has this awesome white color, it could contain bleach. Chlorine bleach produces toxins that can be harmful when is accumulated in the body.

There are many reasons to change the habit of using toilet paper. You can do it for your health, hygiene or because you want to care for the environment but, if the mentioned are not enough, there are even more benefits.

Bidet toilet seat will make you save money on toilet paper

The bidet will increase the water consumption a little bit but at the same time, you will be using 75% less on toilet paper. Remember that it takes 37 gallons of water to make a single roll of toilet paper. Tushy, a Bidets toilet seat manufacturer estimates that their bidet attachments save 54 gallons of water per week by reducing the use of toilet paper. North Americans use each year around 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper. I know is only $12 or so a week but that is $48 dollars a month that could be used for something more useful, don’t you think? If you invest in an electric or non-electric Bidet you may end up saving money plus will be helping the environment as well.

Remain clean and fresh before and after sex

Is common washing you genitals before and after sex not only to give your partner a fresher touch but to avoid any possible contact with bacteria.

Very helpful for women in postpartum

Cleaning with water during Postpartum is a more effective way of keeping bacteria away. It is just painful and less safe trying to rub toilet paper in an area that has already been through a significant trauma.

Bidet vs Toilet Paper



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