22 Adorable Christian Gifts for Children you Can’t-Miss

Introducing Christian games and playing with the family has countless benefits but finding them, is normally a challenge. We have created this irresistible Christian gift list to simplify your search.

They are perfect for Christmas, Easter, birthdays, graduations, confirmation and more. Please check this awesome list of Christian toys for children you can use for your kids or grandkids.

*Please note we also have a list of

Christian Gifts for Children

Christian Puzzles for Children

1. A Classic Nighttime Nativity Scene Puzzle

This is a 100-piece puzzle with an image of the nativity, perfect for discussing the birth of Jesus while you complete the puzzle when it is complete is a 19×13 size image.

While you assemble the puzzle, you can discuss things like

  • Who gifted the gold, the incense, and the myrrh to baby Jesus?
  • What are the names of the three wise men?
  • Where was Jesus born?
  • A great puzzle overall to work with your family to solve.

Other Cool Alternative Ideas

2.- Easter Eggs – Christian Bible Minifigure

This Jesus Christ Minifigure Lego comes unassembled and neatly packaged. Even it is not a real Lego brand, it is the perfect size for Easter eggs and first communion gift.

Personally, I think is a very cool collector item that brings the story of Jesus and Moises to Life. You can also use it as a good starting point to teach who Jesus is and his teachings.

Overall, this is a great Christian gift for boys who love playing with Legos.

Other Cool Alternative Ideas:

3. Bible Toys Nativity Set

This is a fun and educational nativity set. Perfect for showing your children the people who were present at the birthing of Jesus. Every piece is perfect for small hands and everyone is made of durable material. I especially like its versatility due to the number of set pieces it has.

The set includes 19 pieces which include every character and animal relevant to the story and it includes trees that enhance the storytelling. The box contains a booklet that narrates the nativity in English, French, and Spanish.

My 2 and 6 year old sons love playing with them. I feel they get a real sense and understanding of the story.

One of the things I like the most is the fact that they can play with the pieces during the entirety Christmas time and I don’t worry about them being broken.

As a mother of two sons, I think this is a toy that every family should acquire to facilitate the teaching of Jesus’ birth. As I mentioned earlier, it’s a fun learning tool.

4. Jesus Loves Me [Songbook]

Ideal for any little one who is starting to read and loves singing to enjoy along for hours learning favorite bible songs!..The book is pretty cute and the pictures displayed are adorable. Kids can select between 5 different bible melody songs.

Includes 5 Songs: All Things Bright and Beautiful, Jesus Loves Me, Go Tell It on the Mountain, This Little Light of Mine, I’ve Got the Joy in My Heart

Other Cool Alternative Ideas

5. Anti Dust Mouth Protection

After the pandemic giving a face mask as a gift has become the new normal for anyone that will like to ensure the safety of the family member. So why not let them know that we care with a cute and nice design or message.

Other Cool Alternatives

6. Noah’s Ark Playset

This playset is perfect to explain the story about Noah’s story and his deep trust in God. I love this set due to its great animal variety and its varied colors.

The set contains 29 pieces in total. It includes the ark, the animals, Noah and his wife. It also includes food cubes and a bridge.

All the pieces are made of really good quality, are very realistic looking and are overall adorable. I like the Ark set’piece because of its added details and the fact that it can be opened and play on the inside of it.

Its very fun playing with this set and very educational for the whole family. It facilitates the teaching of Noah’s story and it’s a must-own for every Christian or catholic family.

Other Cool Gift Ideas for Children

7. Galilee Boat Playset [15 Pieces]

This is a great water toy and offers great sensory feedback. I think it’s adorable. It has several set-piece characters like Jesus and the 12 apostles. The name of each one is written on the back, though it might be too small for some.

I think the Galilee Boat is an excellent toy for your children to easily learn the names of the apostles. In addition, the set includes a map that points out several important cities that played a big part in Jesus’ story.

I feel it’s a very valuable toy because it captures children’s attention through the visual sense and it facilitates the learning of Jesus’ story.

Different pieces of story can be explored like 

  • The miracle of the 5 loaves and two fish
  • Peter walks on water. 
  • The Beatitudes of Jesus

These teachings have deep spiritual meaning, perfect for the whole family.

Other Great Alternative Ideas

8. David & Goliath Battle Set [16 Pieces]

This playset is made with great quality and resistance in mind. The set is versatile due to a large number of characters and pieces it has which can represent even other biblical stories.

The inclusion of a camel and a donkey adds to the fun.:)

With this battle set, you can explain that Goliath can represent any type of sin and that with the power of God we can overcome any obstacle. The rocks and mountains could be obstacles that we sometimes come across in life.

This is an educational toy that can help increase your children’s faith.

9. Tales of Glory – Daniel and the Lion’s Den

This toy set is small but is of great quality and durability. I believe that even after a number of years of use it will still look very colorful. It also contains a small booklet that explains the history of Daniel.

It is an excellent family game!

10. Late for the Sky Bibleopoly

This is a very fun board game that resembles a traditional monopoly. It differs in the sense that it does not focus on acquiring property and instead illustrates the journey an apostle makes. The goal is to establish Jesus’ church in the many towns as mentioned in the bible.

This will have familiar game mechanics that require cooperation instead of competition, teaching kindness along the way. In this game, you don’t win by owning more things than other players but instead the more you help others the more everybody advances toward the goal.

I recommend this game for everyone that is looking for a Christian Game or those who would like to learn more about the bible while playing with family and friends.

11. Bible Trivia Game

This is a game aimed at children 10 and over. Like any other trivia game, you will find easy, moderate and harder questions to try to answer. I like how the questions and answers are separated into categories like the old testament, prophecy, new testament, etc.

Some questions require a direct answer and some others are multiple-choice. I recommend this game for anyone who would like to learn more about the story of the bible in a fun and interactive way.

12. Bible Bingo Game for [24 Players]

This game is universally understood, very fun takes on Bingo. The images are clear and very pretty.
The Bingo cards are small and made of hard cardboard. Nice preprinted set.

A very fun time for the whole family.

Other Great Alternative

13. Brick Bible for Kids: Six Classic Bible Stories Hardcover

If your child likes to play with Legos, he will love this book. Many users online rate it 4 and 5 stars for its illustrations and the way the stories are made with Lego bricks. This book adds extra fun to the bible learning time and kids’ library book collection.

It includes six classic Bible stories very well illustrated

  • Noah and his ark full of animals
  • David’s fight against the giant, Goliath
  • Daniel’s survival in a den of ferocious lions
  • Joseph’s colorful coat and his interpretation of Pharaoh’s dream
  • Jonah’s miraculous survival in the belly of a whale
  • Jesus’s birth in a small stable in Bethlehem

Other Cool Alternative

Christian Books

14. When God Made You  [Hardcover or Kindle Edition] 

“Best Seller Book” By Matthew Paul Turner

“When God made you” is a book for every child’s collection. It is a very well written book but also a fantastic way to start cultivating the love of Jesus in your child. 

You can find a lot of good reviews online like “this lovely children’s book is a reminder to young and old alike, that “God’s family without you would not be the same”. Many also love to see a child of color as the main illustrated character of the book.

 I assure you and your kids will enjoy every page.

Other Cool Alternative

15. When God Made the World [Hardcover  or Kindle]

– by Matthew Paul Turner  (Author), Gillian Gamble (Illustrator)

This book is from the same author of the book When God Made You. On this occasion, Gilliam Gamble brings the creation of the world to life in a fun, understandable and memorable way for children.

I love that the illustrations represent children from all races along with the beauty of the world and its animals and plants.

This gift is great for any occasion like Easter, baby shower, birthdays or baptism.

The author recommends this book for ages 3 to 7 

16. Laugh and Learn Bible for Kids

by Phil Vischer  (Author)

“The Laugh and learning bible” book has an impressive online rating of 4 or 5 stars from more than 300 users. Users say this book is attractive and picturesque from the very first page.

I believe it’s easy and fun to read which is excellent for children starting to read the Bible.

It also provides a great way for the family to learn, talk and pray together.

17. The Virgin Mary Child Costume

Children love costumes, so why not take that as an opportunity to help them share their faith through by dressing as different female characters from the bible? Be it Mary, Martha, Rebecca, Ruth, etc.

Using these costumes can help you get children more interested in the Word of God and its message.

Many users consider it is made of very good quality materials and can be used over several seasons like Christmas, Halloween or school and church events.

18. Saint Joseph Child Costume

Like the previous item, this Saint Joseph costume is also great for children. I really like it comes with the staff too!

The costume is one piece made of polyester which makes it very light. Overall, this is a great Christian gift for boys and useful at the time of catching their attention during the teaching moments of the gospel and life of Jesus.

19. Jesus Child Costume

With the Jesus child costume, we complete the holy family. This costume is very versatile as you can be used for different bible characters. Many users find it perfect for children ages 6 through 10.

You can use it to dramatize the nativity and life of Jesus with his family. It is simple but really cute and handy!

20. T-Shirt – Christian Fashion Gifts

This is a t-shirt with vibrant color and a fabulous Christian message. Users online confirm is of great quality and the color doesn’t fade.

You can find many testimonies from users with the following words “My sons got compliments all day on this shirt” and many others. It’s the perfect shirt to enjoy any spring and summer activities.

21. Jesus Loves Me Beary Much, Kidz Tee – Christian Fashion Gifts

This is an adorable t-shirt with a fantastic message. Users online rate it as very high quality.

This can definitely be included as a great gift for baptism, Christmas or birthdays for every young man.

22.The Nativity [Finger Puppet Set]

These are very sweet and adorable finger puppets that my two years old loves playing with. These are ideal to help release your child’s imagination. Beautiful for making hand theater and interactive games. It is perfect for babies and first’ grade children. Super fun to help illustrate the characters present when Jesus was born.

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