Find out the Benefits of an air fryer for busy moms & Seniors

Seniors, college students, working mothers, even or daughters of worker parents, we all know there are many times where you just want to eat quick and healthy. We will discuss the benefits of an air fryer for busy moms.

Before digging into the advantages of an air fryer let explain the fundamentals.

What is really an Air Fryer?

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An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that cooks your meals by circulating hot air around the food. It also removes excess fats and oils from your food. Air fryers minimize those unwanted calories and give you the crispy taste of your most favorite fried foods. With it, you can even grill, bake or roast. As a result, you have a very versatile appliance.


  1. Help you easily manage a healthier diet providing a low-fat way of cooking
  2. A great time saver
  3. Easy to use for everyone even without cooking experience
  4. Motivate cooking at home more often
  5. Safer while cooking especially for seniors or teenagers
  6. Maintain your house or dorm room free of oily odor after cooking.
  7. Easier kitchen clean up – no more oily mess after frying.
  8. Cost-effective because of lower electricity consumption when compared with a traditional oven
  9. Save you money on cooking oil
  10. Environmentally friendly

When was it invented?

This modern appliance is the evolution of the kitchen. It was first introduced by Philips in 2010.

How Does it work?

It contains a mechanical fan that constantly circulates hot air at high speed. As a result, when cooking food it produces a crispy layer via the Maillard effect just like your traditional oven but faster and easier.

Price Range

Price varies depending on brand and the sizes but you can find them around $60 to $400.

From most online reviews, people share that the taste of air fried food isn’t the same as deep fried but because of its convenience and healthier way of cooking they rather go with the air fryer.1

Most Popular Brands

  • Philips
  • Cuisinart
  • Power Air Fryer
  • Nu-Wave
  • SimpleTaste
  • T-fal ActiFry
  • Cozyna
  • Avalon Bay

10 Benefits of an Air Fryer for Seniors and Busy moms

1. Help you easily manage a healthier diet providing low-fat cooking

Changing to a healthy diet will decrease cholesterol levels which will help you lower the possibility of heart disease.

Your meals will be cooked in low-fat and as a result, you could lose body weight and improve your overall health while lowering your cholesterol levels.

This is important since, in our sedimentary lives and poor eating habits, a common issue in our modern society is having severe to chronically clogged arteries.

On the other hand, even the healthiest foods can lose nutrients while they are being cooked.

Nutrient depletion usually occurs when you expose your food to high temperatures for an extended period of time. So, cooking your meal using an air fryer that cooks inconsiderable less time, will have the advantage of retaining the nutrients.

Having an air fryer at home can motivate you to prepare your tasty fresh chicken wings with French fries without feeling guilty. Air frying may be a good alternative to deep frying your food if you consider the benefit of eating healthier.

2. Air fryers are a great time saver

It will decrease significantly the time you spend in front of a hot pan in your kitchen. cooking dinner at home with an air fryer will definitely be done in a shorter time compared with a traditional oven. For example, you can bake chicken breast in half the time using an air fryer than in your traditional oven, and clean-up is usually way simpler.

Busy moms, this might save you a good amount of time that can wisely be invested in doing other chores or with your kids. You will be able to cook your delicious favorite fried food and you can even become popular for preparing this yummy and healthy french fries.

On the other hand, senior citizens may want to prepare their own fresh food but without all the hard work involved using the oven. The less amount of time spent in front of a hot pan the safer it can be for any seniors.

3. Easy to use for everyone even without cooking experience


This aspect is one of my favorite. You only need to set the timer and the temperature and wait for the timer to finish. Depending on the fryer, you may need to flip the food or shake the basket to make sure food is cooked evenly.

If you think cooking is always a lot of work, I will suggest you try cooking with an air fryer and you will see how easy it can be.

4. Motivate cooking at home more often

It is reasonable to think that preparing food sometimes for just one person or two can be tedious. Sometimes is a lot of work because you also have to clean the mess after cooking. This is where this product is even handier, you can save time and effort while cooking small portions and still enjoy a tasty homemade food.

Cooking within a few minutes simplifies the cooking chores and solves the worries of cleaning after.

5. Safer while cooking especially for seniors or teenagers


Most air fryers come with an auto-shutdown feature that turns off the appliance when cooking completes. Think about when using the oven or having a pan with hot oil, you always run into the risk of burning yourself while cooking your meal. Using an air fryer you will keep those risks at zero and remain safe.

Great options for seniors, no more overheated pan or unattended oven. A senior or even a teenager can easily prepare fresh food because of its convenience and simplicity.

Manufacturers recommend to not use the appliance on a non-heat-resistant surface to avoid fire hazards,

6. Maintain your house or apartment free of oily odor after cooking

It can be really annoying having an oily smell in the entire house. You will agree that the less smell after cooking the best. Cooking with an air fryer will cause much less odor, and the reason is simple, it uses little to no oil to cook your meals.

7. Easier kitchen clean up – no more oily mess after frying

The cleaning process after dinner is also a very tedious task that everyone would like to avoid. Using an air fryer will no longer leave your kitchen with oil everywhere.

Most of them are also dishwasher safe. If you don’t own a dishwasher, for quick cleaning, leave the pan to soak in hot water and detergent for a few minutes. Manufacturers recommended to wash the basket and pan with a nonabrasive sponge or cloth and to dry it after cleaning.

8. Cost-effective because it lowers your electricity bill compared with traditional ovens

Save money with an air-fryer

Because you will be preparing healthier food in less time this will translate into a lower electricity bill. The appliance is multi-functional, it allows you to cook different types of recipes with little to no oil. You can fry meals but also grill and roast any variety of meats and vegetables. You can even cook frozen foods or heat up your leftovers. You only need to set the temperature to 150 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 10 minutes.

9. Save you money on cooking oil

Having an air fryer at home will allow you to cook the same fried recipes with 80% less oil. That means you can be eating healthier and saving money at the same time.

10. Environmentally friendly

Air fryers can help you save energy when compared with your traditional oven. This small appliance is energy efficient because it uses much less electricity than larger ovens. With it, your favorite french fries can be prepared within 12 minutes without worrying about the messy kitchen or meal high in fat.

Air fryers are really handy for preparing food while in a hurry but also help your wallet. I strongly recommended for busy moms and seniors.

To wrap things up, an air fryer is a kitchen appliance that cooks your meals by circulating hot air around the food which minimizes the number of calories normally found on fried food. It was first invented by Philips in 2010. Since then, people are taking advantage of diet-friendly fried food. With it, you can fry your food but also heat up your leftover or frozen meals, bake or grill your favorite vegetables in a very simplistic way.

Your house, room or apartment will not have this unpleasant oily smell after frying because you will be frying with little to no oil. It lets you use much less oil than if you were using a deep fryer but so much faster, easier, cleaner and hassle-free.

Finally, cooking at home using an air fryer may save money on oil and electricity as well. As a result, you will also be helping the environment using fewer resources.

If an Air fryer is for you or not, let us know your opinion below

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