There are only a few things as comfortable as feeling warm during a good long rest and pleasant sleep. But what happens when, no matter what you do, your feet are always freezing cold? Today, there are many solutions you can use to warm your feet.

Throughout this article, you will find multiple ways to keep your feet warm in bed and how to prepare for bed comfortably and ready to sleep. You will see how heated socks are one of the top choices to accomplish.

How to keep your feet warm in bed

Before we jump into it, let’s understand what can be causing your cold feet and why is it important to keep them warm in bed.

What could be causing your cold feet?

According to Neuhaus Foot & Ankle, podiatrists clinics, the most common cause of cold feet could be poor circulation, iron deficiency, diabetes and maybe hypothyroidism.

Because this is happening to many people, having a somewhat sedentary life could be a big factor. Walking or running would be of great help for your blood circulation and help maintain your feet a bit warmer during those cold winter nights.

But why you should keep your feet warm in bed? Is there any other benefit other than feeling comfortable? Let’s find out.

Why you should keep your feet warm in Bed?

There are many reasons why people should try to keep their feet warm in bed.

  • It helps with cracked skin on your feet. Keeping your feet warm, covered and moisturized will help your heel skin getting cracked.
  • A BBC’s Investigation concluded it helps with orgasms. According to a BBC investigation about human brain activity, while having an orgasm, it found that having the feet of the participants warm, by covering them, would increase the capacity of having an orgasm by 30%.
  • A most recent study showed that keeping your feet warm lowers the rate of a person waking up during the night, and by result improving your sleep quality.
  • Help with joint or circulatory issues. Keeping your feet warm at night can helps your blood circulation.
  • Relief sore or swelling feet due to being on your feet all day.
  • Decrease Raynaud’s episode. A medical affliction caused by blood flow on your toes and fingers. These episodes can happen more frequently during cold temperatures or emotional stress.

Now that you know what can be causing your cold feet and the benefits of keeping them warm during bedtime, let’s explain how can you stop experiencing cold feet while in bed.

How To Keep Your Feet Warm In Bed

1.Move your body during the day

Add walking or running to your daily routine. This will not only help your circulation and warm your extremities but with the added exercise will help stress and promotes a healthier life.

If you feel it is too cold outside to walk or run then, you may consider some heated clothes which are all the rage these days. You can also go to the gym or exercise at home, for example, Zumba is one of my favorite home workouts.

2. Take a warm bath prior to bedtime

Our body temperature is higher during the day and starts to get lower as we approach sleep time. Researchers have found that warming up your body before bedtime lets you sleep faster and get better sleep without medication. This means that getting a hot or warm shower before sleeping helps the body with getting warmer blood to your toes and fingers.

3. Use Electric Heated Foot Warmer

The heated foot warmer has also become popular nowadays. They can warm up your body before bedtime and people with arthritis and other circulatory issues love them.

The foot warmer not only provides direct heat for your feet but also works as an anti-inflammatory and natural muscle relaxer. If you have arthritis on your feet, the foot warmers could be of great help.

4. Sleep with the Right Socks

You can maybe feel that sleeping with socks is not sexy, but neither is sleeping with icy feet. Furthermore, I think that sleeping with the right socks is a habit that could improve greatly. I embraced it, and there is nothing better than sleeping and feeling warm. Besides, as mentioned above, wearing them while in an intimate moment is also good for you.

Maybe you are now wondering what kind of socks to use?

It will depend on how sensitive your feet are to low temperatures. There are two types that I can recommend, heated socks or the traditional cashmere socks.

5. Wear Cashmere socks.

If your body circulation is somehow good and the temperature of your feet does not get extremely low, then a pair of cashmere socks is a good option. These socks are great to retain the body heat you are already producing.

6. Wear Heated Socks

Rechargeable Heated socks Autocatle

If your feet still get cold using cashmere socks, then using heated socks will not disappoint you. You can find many popular ones in Amazon’s online store and they have become my preferred garment to wear during cold winter nights.

Each sock has a slim battery which powers a heating element in the front instep. You can use it not only to sleep in your bed but for outdoor activities such as shoveling snow, walking with the dog, camping or hiking.

If you want to know more about the heated socks trend, we have done extensive research and put together a list of the best-heated socks for women and men for your viewing pleasure.

7. Wear cozy slippers before bedtime

Many users of cozy slippers find it warms their feet very well and feel very comfortable to wear before and after bedtime.

8. Use a Heated blanket to warm your entire body

Using a heated blanket is also a great alternative and I personally think it has multiple benefits. You can warm up your entire body before, during and after bedtime.

Heated blankets

You can use it while watching TV, sitting on the sofa or even outdoor. People with arthritis or muscle pain also found relief and as a supplement to analgesics and much more.

It also helps you lower your electricity bill. If you want to know more about it, we have a review of the best rated heated-blankets on the market including a buyer’s guide.

9. Prepare a Warm Bedroom

We know that sleeping warm and comfortable is essential to attain an effective night’s rest. If you live in a place with cold climates then keeping your home at the right temperature for your feet could be a bit expensive. With this in mind, at the time of sleeping, you can focus on just your bedroom and use a portable heater, see below.

10. Use a Portable Fan Heater

Using a heated fan is very convenient and affordable when compared to warming up your entire house. They can help warm smaller areas, and if you are looking for simplicity getting a portable heated fan can be your solution.

To sum up, wearing the right socks is the most effective way to keep your feet warm at nighttime. Other methods such as moving your body during the day, warming your feet before bedtime, the use of cozy slippers, heated blankets or heated foot warmer can also help you keep your feet warm and improve the quality of your sleep.

Now it is your turn, have you tried any of these methods to warm your feet in bed, which one do you like the most? What do you consider are more efficient?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and thank you for reading.


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