Want to Know How to use a Bidet Toilet Seat for the First Time?

What is a Bidet toilet seat? Is it difficult to use?  How to use it? Is it worthy to spend the money? Find out below the awesome features.

If you’re considering a bidet toilet seat for your home, congratulations!

Welcome to this relatively new concept of washing instead of wiping.  An electronic bidet is an exceptional modern device that will improve your hygiene as well as help the environment when consuming less toilet paper. Since its invention, Japanese Toilet seats have been the leader of the electronic bidet seat technology.

There are several brands and models starting with the very basics that will wash your private zones to the most luxurious.

These top of the line devices include features such as air deodorizers to prevent other people that might come in after you from chocking, warm air dryers to help you consume less toilet paper and self-cleaning nozzles to simplify your life.

What is a Bidet Toilet Seat?

Know that a bidet toilet seat is not a complete toilet, but a high-tech seat that helps you wash your anus and genitals with your existing toilet. To start using a bidet is pretty simple but, to avoid surprises is always good to have prior knowledge of what it can do. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and get confident with the remote control.

The first experience can be shocking, but you will get used to it.  You will have the option to select different settings depending on your preferences, similar to settings in a TV remote control.

In a sense, using the bidet is like watching a 4K TV  signal while using toilet paper is watching with an antenna. Cleaning with the toilet paper is just the analog way.

How to use a Bidet toilet seat for the first time

How to use a Bidet toilet seat

Bidet toilet seats come with an arrangement of different features. Some are more basic while others are more feature-rich, some are electric while others are not.

So, using this principle, we are not going to explain how to use a non-electric Bidet because they are self-explanatory and easy to use. Instead, I will provide guidance on the electric bidet which can come with many bells and whistles.

Electric bidet seats will usually offer you dual nozzles for the rear and frontal (for women) wash and will allow you to adjust the nozzles to different positions, a heated seat option, a warm air dryer, and remote control to manage those settings.

So, before beginning with your wonderful experience of washing instead of wiping, we recommend you to follow these 5 basic steps.

Step 1. Adjust the water and seat temperatures before you seat on your throne

We recommend testing the heated seat, water temperature and the dyer using the remote control. Some models have multiple options you can tinker with to reach your ideal settings. It is a very exciting step because you can play around until you find what’s best for you, especially during winter.

Step 2. Sit on your throne

Use the remote control to start the water nozzles; start slowly. You will be able to choose between the rear or front. Some will say, female or male.

Step 3. Graduate the water pressure

It is good to test the water pressure and temperature with your hands before it reaches your sensitive zones. The water pressure sometimes can be too strong and you can feel uncomfortable.

Step 4. Let the bidet wash you

Once you are comfortable with all settings, let the water flow and relax, the bidet will clean your nether parts. For the optimum experience, some models will have a massage feature where it can spray water back and forth for more comfort. This feature is perfect when having constipation or for people suffering from hemorrhoids.

For bidets that come with a water tank to heat water don’t get too relaxed and spend too much time using it, as once the warm water runs out it will start spaying colder water.

Step 5. Turn the dryer ON

When you feel pleased about washing your bottom, you can either use toilet paper or a towel to dry yourself. Depending on the model you may also have the dryer feature where you can just press the dryer bottom and the unit will start drying yourself automatically.

 Is it worthy to spend the money?


With a bidet, you will be improving your personal hygiene. According to Wikipedia, washing with water is the best way of achieving physical cleanliness and being free from dirt. We have been raised believing that toilet paper is good enough, but physicians and gynecologists confirm that cleaning with water is the only way of getting rid of bacteria.

Bidets, more than a luxury is a necessity if you want to feel really clean.

You may say that you can take a shower after using the toilet but with a Bidet, you wash your anus and your genitals much more quickly than taking a bath and using way less water. Based on customer reviews, many men and women often regret not realizing such a wonderful device existed.

The device is great for women, especially during the menstrual period and it’s also great for kids that are not potty trained.

Eco-Friendly for a better environment

A bidet is friendlier to the environment than toilet paper. Americans use an average of 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper a year. After using a bidet, cleaning yourself with toilet paper makes no sense any more, the feeling of washing yourself is just wonderful.

From personal experience, people often say how I didn’t know about this before?


According to CDC, almost 70 million Americans suffer from joint inflammation or arthritis. With that being said, the elderly with mobility restrictions can be self-sufficient without any effort. Having a bidet is a tremendous help for anyone struggling to use the bathroom on their own.


If you or any of your family suffer from constipation, we have good news, while the main point of a Bidet is cleaning, some include awesome extra features. One of these features is the enema wash included in the Biobidet Bliss Series BB-2000 Electric Bidet Seat. With this function, the seat delivers a powerful stream to the anus in the form of a vortex, spinning the water and massaging the area to relax you so that doing #2 is more comfortable.


According to the NCBI, there are 10 million self-reported occurrences of hemorrhoids in the United States every year. Peak occurrences happen between the ages of 45 and 65  for both genders.  This disease affects so many people and the Bidet can help.

Doctors recommend warm water which may relieve the burning and itching symptoms. Most electric bidets include a water jet that sprays warm water to your anus providing the chance to relax and allow bowel movement without a hitch.

To wrap things up, Using a bidet toilet seat for the first time can make you jump at first, the toilet will look different and the water jet can scare you. But for sure, you will get used to it. The feeling of cleanliness and freshness will pay off in spades. 

It is a common misconception that using a bidet is difficult because it will spray water all over the place, or that you will be showering cold water in your more sensitive area.

The Bidet will only spray water out of your toilet if you open the faucet while not sitting in the toilet and many models will come with a water tank to heat water or will allow you to connect to your existing hot water pipe. Having a Bidet toilet seat can be one of the best investments for you and your family.

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