For a happier and relaxing lifestyle.-
With the stress of daily things to do, commitments and responsibilities, don’t forget about yourself and add an interesting hobby as part of your lifestyle that fills you with joy and pleasant moments.

Many would say “I just don’t have time” but what it is true is to live a healthy life, socializing and relaxing is necessary.

13 Fun & Interesting Hobbies for Women
Interesting Hobbies for Women

This is the perfect time to take up a hobby. You will discover new or recognize old passions, you will see the world from another perspective or simply, give your life a bit of a spark.

Keep reading to find a fun and interesting hobby for women that will help you relax and enjoy things to the max.

1. Workout with Zumba Dance Fitness Program

Experts believe that dancing is a therapeutic outlet to release endorphins, brain chemicals that promote happiness and bring people together. But Why Zumba dance?

When dancing Zumba you have the opportunity to make new friends. You learn how to move your body. You’ll have a fun way to spend your evenings. On the other hand, if you’re interested in losing weight, dancing Zumba is also a great way to workout.

So, even if you’re single or in a relationship, dancing can benefit you in multiple ways.

If this idea grabs your attention, I have good news. It is very possible that your closest gym offers Zumba classes. You can also search online for classes near you.

Online Academy like Udemy, offers online dancing courses at a very reasonable price. You will find experienced instructors with beginner to expert dancing courses.

The classes are super exciting and fun.

I personally encourage you to practice  Zumba. I know by experience that it will improve your social life and confidence and will help you burn some calories while having fun.

See more of Zumba Benefits here…


Preserving unforgettable moments through photography is a lovely hobby for multiple reasons.

Learning it is very fulfilling and healthy. It exercises your creativity and will allow you to enjoy innumerable memories.

I am in complete agreement with the phrase ‘to remember is to live again’. If we do it as a hobby, capturing and making memories of those special moments is a big part of what makes us happy. Don’t you think?

A trip outside the city, your child’s birthday, a wedding or graduation, experience in the woods or in the mountains, etc.

Learning about photography will become a new lifestyle for you. Personally, before going to any important event, I bring with me the camera, a Ring lamp stand or a selfie stick, to capture those precious moments in the best possible way.

You have also read or heard that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Taking the time to learn how to take great pictures is completely worth it.

If you do not own a camera you can start with your smartphone of course!

3.Hiking and Camping

When hiking or camping you have the opportunity to connect with nature and forget about your fears, anxieties or troubles for a number of hours. Besides, is an excellent way to exercise.

I am sure you have noticed that breaking the routine does a kind of reset for you and you re-energize again.

Being in the outdoors is also perfect for meditation, reading a book (or listening to an audiobook) or even listening to your favorite podcast.

No matter where you live, there is always a place not far away from where you will be able to disconnect from the daily things you do and reconnect with the beauty of nature.

4. Share Your Thoughts Through a FREE BLOG

Everyone has things that excite us but not always have the opportunity to share it. Through a free blog, you could share that passion that motivates you.

You could really find yourself and your voice and be filled with never-ending energy every day. 

You don’t need to have a specific talent but everyone has the power to teach and educate others in the area you are learning or already have experience.

You can connect with People from all over the world. Isn’t that super nice?

You could even have the potential to earn money.  If you were not aware, affiliate marketing while blogging is an excellent source for passive income.

In my experience, you only need a website and your time. Time is the biggest investment but this is what hobbies are about.

If you like to share your thoughts, I have good news! there are many platforms that help you start with zero knowledge, help you with your website creation and design and totally free.

Find out the steps you need to know to get help and create your blog for free here.

5. Fly Drones

If you like adventure and tech like me, then flying a drone will be very fun and entertaining. It’s an activity that can be enjoyed alone or as a group.

It will allow you to reach and explore new places, horizons, and views that you normally wouldn’t see.

It’s a very effective way to relieve stress and as a result, it will fill you with joy and enthusiasm.

Furthermore, if you like to take pictures or capture video, piloting a drone with a camera will help you capture those moments that are priceless, seriously!

For starters, my recommendation is that you acquire a drone for beginners until you feel confident flying it. After this, you can consider a more expensive and advance one.

6. Gardening & Landscaping

If you are drawn to nature, gardens, flowers, vegetables and the like, then spending time planting and creating spaces for small or big harvests could fill you with a lot of satisfaction.

Seeing your plants grow will fill you with a great sense of pride and affection.

Some people love being out in the sun working in a garden or landscaping. If you’re one of them, don’t wait any longer and start your gardening hobby.

7. Learn how to cook or cook even better

It’s possible you are adept in the kitchen but there is always room for improvement, exploration, and experimentation.

It is not about being the best in every dish but that you specialize in some of that when shared, will be all your friends and family talk about. Maybe using some cool appliances like an air fryer or an instant pot that will allow you to cook in a fast, healthy and simple way.

The idea is that you can cook some exotic dishes, impress your family and that you do so in a simple way.

Pick up your favorite cookbook and make a list of what recipes you would like to learn every week. When mastered, host a dinner party or game night with dinner with a few friends and enjoy the social moment.

8. Take Up Archery

Archery is a sport that can be practiced by the whole family, young and old. As any sport is great for burning calories and upper body development and keeping yourself active.

Due to the concentration needed, archery is proven to help with your focus and mental health. It is an easy and fun hobby to learn but, requires patience and practice mastering it. On the casual side, is perfect for Sunday fun.

I can confidently say that when you are shooting arrows, the time slips away before you know it.

Start by finding an archery club or range near you and where you can receive classes and rent bows. It can be for a one-time session or monthly fee.

9.Play Tabletop Games With Family or Friends

These games stimulate your brain abilities like memory and creativity and do not solely rely on luck.

More so than the fun they provide, these games serve the purpose of uniting a couple, family or friends group to share quality time.

To play them, you will need a strategy, luck, and cooperation. There are so many variations and types of games to choose from that you won’t see the end of it.

Usually, these tabletop games might have a board, game pieces, figurines, dice and an assortment of other accessories.

10. Biking or cycling

Biking is a hobby with multiple benefits and practicing it has never been easier. Depending on where you live, many people opt for riding a bike to work or school instead of driving. Also, for leisure rides in the afternoon or weekends.

Many cities have added bike lanes to roads and streets for added safety to encourage people to ride bikes.

Riding a bike on bike trails can be as fun as walking or running, and for some, offer easier access to experience nature, becoming the best tool for exploration.

Biking can be enjoyed alone, with family or friends. It’s a perfect tool for relaxation and leaving the daily routine behind.

11. Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is a very interesting hobby, especially for women. It can be experienced at home, where each of your friends brings a bottle of wine over and you have fun discerning the differences between the wines.

This will help with developing your memory and your senses to recognize the different aromas and tastes.

Personally, Wine tasting is an interesting and educational experience. There are even many wine tasting courses where they teach you to identify the type of wine and even the year of the reservation.

If this excites you, I definitely recommend taking the training.


Practicing Yoga is very good for your health. It helps to reduce stress, burn calories, increases flexibility and lowers risk for depression and anxiety.

A new tendency in Yoga is Hot Yoga, which is practiced in a sauna or very humid place.

People that are practicing hot Yoga say that the extra secretion of sweat helps cleanse the body from the inside out.

How can you start?

Fortunately, almost every major gym offers some time of Yoga class you can sign up for. You can also start from home with an online professionals’ trainer as well.

13. Learn to Play an Instrument (Guitar is a Good One)

Playing the guitar is a way of expressing yourself, offers a lot of benefits and it doesn’t have an age requirement. In general, people that play musical instruments find it as an outlet for all kinds of feelings, of creativity and for concentration and meditation.

A Guitar is the ideal companions of those moments of loneliness and frustration, as well as, happiness and freedom.

In today’s world, it’s never been easier to learn how to play guitar. There are those who are self-taught, others take online classes and others go to music academies to learn.

What I assure you is, once you find your preferred method of learning, you will find great joy and an abundance of happiness in your music.

To wrap things up, We hope this list will help you find the hobby that best suits your tastes and personality. One that can make you feel relaxed and happier.

Remember any hobby you choose is supposed to be fun for you. Choose something enjoyable, and spend time relaxing!

My last advice, take baby steps toward your passion and hobbies and have fun.

Now it is your turn,  do you practice any hobby? Did you like these hobbies for women? Share with us your experience.

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4 thoughts on “13 Interesting Hobbies for Women in 2020”

  1. Hey Ria, 

    It’s pretty easy to get caught in all the things happening around you, to the point that you don’t even consider taking a step back, and just having a bit of fun or deserved relaxation.

    Many have hobbies that they were really good at or involved with but time and responsibilities have very nearly made it a thing of the past for them.

    As you mentioned, it’s nice to step out once in a while and do the things that are interesting to you. I personally enjoy archery.

    Been fun reading. Thanks for sharing 

  2. Hi Ria,

    Your article about interesting Hobbies for women in 2020 is very interesting. Being married to a lovely beautiful wife, I can vouch that your listed hobbies are in fact of high interest for women.

    Out of the one you mentioned, my wife fly drones, we have an astonishing scenery in our home village where nature speaks high and loud. She constantly amazes us with her shots all through the year.

    Another hobby is biking, this one we actually do together. We have a long bike road just beside a lovely beach where we both go there on Sunday afternoons and bike ride.

    Thank you Ria,


  3. Thank you very much

    I, first of all, thank you for the hard work you put in to bring this website together, I also thank you for the high valued content you provide here. Actually, all of these hobbies.are so interestingly and every woman can develop a niche out of them. find a niche is one of the hardest parts of starting a business. thanks for this guide.  

  4. Hello Ria. Nice to see you share this awesome hobbies. Okay see, all of these hobbies are not actually for women alone. As a man, I love some of these hobbies and I am looking forward to getting along with some of them especially flying drones. I am looking forward to learn how to play a musical instrument (my favourite is the lead guitar).



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