What is a Family Game Night [Astonishing Benefits]

Improving your happiness!

Our children value our love and attention greatly. They love the whole meaning about what is a family game night. When they feel and experience that they are our first priority it helps them become mentally and emotionally strong people.

That is why it is crucial to not only tell your children that you love them but to also show them you do by spending quality time together.

Let’s talk about what a Family Game Night is and how you and your family can benefit from it. I will also share some easy and free games ideas you can start using with your kids.

For a happy and fun Game Night!

What is a Family Game Night?

Our lifestyle is so busy that time passes us by in meetings, appointments and various things that need to get done that we easily forget about spending quality time with our loved ones.

Family Game Night it is Quality Time with your Kids

When you set up a family game night with clear goals it really helps you connect with your children.

I know it will be tempting to take out your phones and check those notifications. You may think you need to check Twitter or Facebook when its not your turn, but the goal is to reaffirm our bond during the game so, refrain from doing it.

I also know it is completely normal if that happens to you at first. 🙂

If your children are teenagers, then the time you spend with them will be even more important.

Regardless of how difficult it is to please them, being there for your children is your responsibility. They still need you and you need them as well.

Quality time spent together tells our children that we care about them. It’s a creative way of getting together and showing that we can also laugh and enjoy things as a family.

Game Night is an Opportunity to Socialize and Learn the Benefits of Being Social

When you play with your children it’s an opportunity to learn about their strengths and the things they find challenging.

It strengthens communication and family unity. It’s also a social form of play that doesn’t need to involve electronics.

You will learn that playing board games or educational and interactive games will provide you with details about your children. Then, it will allow you to help them improve different areas like social skills, problem-solving, manage stress and difficult situations.

It is also true that some game nights will be more memorable than others, but I assure you it will still improve family unity.

A Great Way to Teach your Kids How to Win or Lose Graciously

This has been one of the more disconcerting experiences I’ve had playing with my children. I found out that one of my children is super competitive and he gets really frustrated just with the idea of losing, let alone actually loosing.

For my child, just the possibility of losing is a cause of much stress, he would start playing and sometimes he would end up in tears even before the game was over not wanting to continue trying.

Thanks to that realization and experiences, this turned out positive. It turned into an opportunity to help him canalize that frustration into motivation. To teach him that he will not always win in life.

Look how awesome! Being able to play with our children while teaching them valuable life lessons.

How can you Benefit From Quality Time with the Family

You can relax while making them laugh and strengthen family bonds. This is a win-win, both ways!!

But, do you know children that suffer from lack of attention and care from parents, grow up being afraid of abandonment?  When they grow up, they can develop relationships that are very dependent on affection and where low self-esteem is the prevalent state of mind.

A study from NCBI Resources showed that poor quality mother-and-child relationships early in life resulted in a higher prevalence of adolescent obesity.

I understand how complicated our life can be, but understand we have to make a stop and start enjoying quality time with the family. I assure you will become happier as well as them.

The family game night gives you the opportunity to make eye contact. It also allows you to talk and discover each other working as a team and laughing together. That’s what I love game nights.

I encourage you to benefits from them and start creating a stronger connection with your family.

Family game nights are an excellent tool to spend quality time with your family and it doesn’t have to take you hours. Just start listening to your children with intent.

These types of games can even be done while traveling on a car during your day to day commute. You can also do it on a long road trip. When enjoying it,  It can become a family tradition where even extended family can become a part of.

Playing as a family is a simple but effective habit that you can do it weekly or monthly basis to promote family unity.

What if I’m Not Good Enough to Play?

I know very well that thought, I also didn’t have the affinity to “playing games”. In fact, once I became a grown-up, I’ve played very little things since. Nonetheless, I realized children have great ideas and just want to have a fun time with you.

It is a chance to enter into their world and share things with them in their own language. Try it! you will realize it become easier every time you do it.

Now, you could be asking yourself, how can I organize the first game night? Here are some ideas you can use.

Best Ways to Start Hosting a Family Game Night

  • Make it Official. Send a formal invitation with a date and time. This will turn it into something more important and bring more attention to it.
  • Explain the purpose of the evening.
  • Select the right game prior to the event
  • Prepare some food or some sort of appetizer.
  • Setup a Fun and friendly ambiance.

Note: Many Games are designed to help with breaking the ice and start a good and fun communication, some help with Motor skills and Cognitive development.

Now let’s explore some game ideas so you can enjoy them at home or during a long road trip.

Free Games to Play with Your Family at Home or While Traveling

1. Would You Rather

This is an excellent game to break the ice and start conversations in a fun and interesting way.

You can start by asking the same question to everyone in turn and even to yourself, then everyone can take turns asking questions.

You can also have a list of questions ready to start things on a good note. Look at a few questions below.

  1. Would you rather live in a cool cave or live in a treehouse? why
  2. Would you rather be able to control fire or water?
  3. Would you rather lose the ability to read or lose the ability to speak? Why
  4. Would you rather have to fart loudly every time you have a serious conversation or have to burp after every kiss? Why
  5. Would you rather have a flying carpet or a car that can drive underwater?

2. Don’t Say the Word YES or NO

This is a very fun game; it consists of making questions that you would normally answer with a simple yes or no. The game dynamic is very simple but it’s very difficult not to screw up with some of the questions.

The person answering your question can say impossible, negative, incorrect, very hard, etc. But cannot say the word “no” and if the answer involves a “yes”, it’s possible to answer with a sure, positive, correct, affirmative, etc. but never with a straight “yes”.

Be ready for a lot of laughs!

Find below some simple questions to ask that will elicit an unwilling yes or no.

  1.  You don’t know how to right a bike yet, do you?
  2.  Would you like to go outside and play?
  3.  Would you like some vanilla ice cream?
  4.  It was Monday yesterday, right?
  5.  I told you Adrian’s message, right?

Just ask questions one after another and the person or child will have to answer avoiding the temptation of saying yes or no.

3. Pictionary

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to draw well because it makes it even more fun if no one can understand what you draw. Trust me! You will laugh non-stop if your team can’t differentiate if what you drew is a turkey or a flower!

You can create your own Pictionary with a white-board and some fun things to draw, written in pieces of paper.

Game Ideas for Family Game Night. Improving Cognitive Development, Motor Skills, and Problem Solving.

  • Games Ideas that help with Motor skills are

Jenga, Legos, Operation, Jacks, anything with Cards like Uno, poker and more.

  • Cognitive development Games

Any type of Puzzles will give you a good opportunity to talk and share stories. Puzzles are also great to teach children to use their imagination, to figure out how to solve problems and think in a logical way.

  • Games that help with problems solving

For older kids: Connect Four, Risk, Settlers of Catan, chess set

Final Thought

Family games are an excellent way to interact with your children and create lasting memories. Here we have shared what is game night and the reasons why we think it will benefit your family as it did ours.

I encourage you to try it! there is nothing to lose. I assure you that from the littlest ones to the oldest ones, everyone will enjoy a super fun moment that is immensely valuable for everyone.

Now is your turn, have you had any family game night yet? if so, What has been your experience? What do you use to play? Would you like to be part of a family game night?

Please share your ideas or experience.

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