The truth revealed! What is a Japanese Bidet Toilet Seat? [Misconceptions]

What is a Japanese bidet toilet seat? Does it have any benefits? What are the main features? Find out the remarkable bidet history and the most commons misconception below.

What is a Japanese Bidet Toilet Seat

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It is a wonderful toilet attachment used for washing your intimate zones. Its design is in such a way that it can illuminate your way into the bathroom using motion led light and an eco-mode system to decrease energy consumption.

The toilet seat temperature easily can be adjusted to an ideal degree. You can wash your genitals with fresh or heated water as well, the wash-nozzle will rinse itself after you are done using the toilet.

These features will simplify the cleaning of your toilet in a considerable way. With the remote control,  you can change the water pressure, as well as nozzle position. Their Luxury models, will surprise you even more with the automatically deodorize and neutralize bathroom odors.

Japanese bidets are really a 21st-century technology in the global bidets market.

How can it Benefit You?

What is a Japanese bidet toilet seat

While there is an initial investment in the Japanese toilet seat, there are also savings. You will end up using 75% less toilet paper and a minimally increase in water use. Nowadays, the Japanese washlet bidet is more affordable and continues to play an important role in family hygiene and health.

Researches show that it can help with genital irritations and hemorrhoids. In fact, doctors do not recommend commercial perfumed toilet paper or wet wipes when treating genital irritations. On the other hand, Japanese Bidets are useful for the woman during menstruation, elderly with arthritis or Alzheimer.

Is just perfect for kids that are not potty trained yet and woman in postpartum.  A bidet can help you cleaning the sensitive area without irritating the skin. Overall is clear that Japanese Bidets, help families to improve hygiene while using the bathroom.

Washing with water is the only way of really being clean. Think about!, what do you do when a bird poop on you?, – Do you go and find paper to clean the area? or you go and wash with water?

Main features of Japanese models

  • Front wide cleanse for Feminine wash
  • Posterior wash
  • Oscillating and pulsating cleanse setting
  • Changeable water
  • Variable water pressure
  • Adjustable heated seat
  • Deodorizing air purification
  • Adjustable warm air dryer
  • Touchpad remote control
  • Power saving mode
  • Adjustable nozzle position
  • Occupied seat sensor
  • Self-cleaning wash nozzles


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 Remarkable History of Bidets

The bidet has existed for hundreds of years. First invented in France around 1600s. In the beginning, the bidet was not a toilet seat, but a separate toilet within a cost between $500 and $1800. Many people bought them though, because of the great benefits to the users.

It started in high society but, spread out fast to the lower class as time went on. In fact, western Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East, immediately began adopting this product. However, it was not until around 1945 when the United States started incorporating it into its market, shortly after World War II.

During the war, many American troops were stationed in Europe and the soldiers became familiar with European products like a Bidet. After all, it makes sense that upon returning home, the American soldiers began looking for bidets in their homeland.

By the mid-1900s the Americans had made several tries creating and marketing bidets. But no attempt seemed to work for the American market. While other countries were adopting Bidet toilet seat in their cultures and customs, Americans were still reluctant to leave the toilet paper behind.

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Bidet arriving in Japan

What is a Japanese Bidet Toilet Seat

In 1964 the American company founded by Arnold Cohen, innovated the Bidet toilet seat adding it portability and spraying function. Since Americans continued ignoring the product, Cohen started marketing the product outside of the U.S. He meets Nichimen Jitsugyo and agrees to negotiate with the Japanese trading Company. Later this firm created its own design.

In 1980, the first “paperless toilet” was released in Japan by the company TOTO. They also introduced the concept of “Washlet” bidet toilet seat. Certainly, the current state of this bathroom tech device has spread out throughout the world.

As of March 2016, Bidet toilet seats are installed in 81.2% of Japanese households. They are commonly found in hotels and even public facilities like train stations and restaurants.

TOTO’s Corporation introduced a big innovation to this product. With the addition of electronics and the improvement of its design, Toto Bidet has taken the device to future generations. Japanese Bidet Toilet Seats are considered a modern high tech device.

You can get a Japanese Toilet Seat from the very basic unit to the most luxury device. Its features vary depending on its product line.


  • The thought that Bidet seats require a technical plumber to install
  • Believing that Toilet paper can be cheaper than using a bidet toilet seat
  • The thought that bidet is still a separate toilet unit
  • The idea that bidets toilet seat are only for woman
  • Uncomfortable because of having cold water sprayed on your genitals

Here is my curiosity! would you be willing to try a bidet toilet seat? What do you think about this concept?

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  1. The history of this device is quite interesting. Really this device is so much cleaner than a regular toilet, plunger, and toilet brush. The Bidet device is worth eliminating the toilet paper polluting the environment, the chemicals going into the water systems, buying deodorizing sprays or chemicals, and just having to bother to clean the toilet. It’s a good investment all around. For some people the bathroom is a place for a moment of solitude and comfort the Bidet device would complete that experience.

  2. the bide in the bathroom is completely extraordinary, it helps us to solve the intimate hygiene, without rising from the inhodoro, it is really important to use water instead of paper before leaving the bathroom.


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